September 2015

Paris Solitude!

IMG_7942 I believe happiness is a state of mind, which cannot be depending on any solid object.. If your mind is troubled, then where ever you go, you sure will carry all your troubles and worries with you.. You can run away from the city, but you cannot run away from your heart and mind.. You will have to carry them with you.. Sometimes you can feel so alone in the most beautiful city, most amazing place.. Everyone thinks you're perfectly lucky but all you wanna do is go to your home where you belong, where you will be happy..   Where you can see and hug your fluffy kitty kat and feel like you own everything in the World..   Sometimes you just need a kitty to be happy...    

Paris, Je t’aime!

IMG_7716IMG_7730     Yeah its one of my trips to Paris again.. Business trips to be clear.. This time I have another company, Mustafa my coworker in or Office. We have given a ride to the Airport at 4:00am! Yeah that wasnt easy.. I dont know what I was thinking when I was approving the 7:35 flight on a Sunday.. Anyways here we are.. The weather is nice.. We had to find somewhere to eat first.. Pizza is my favorite -and the taste guaranteed choice- in France.. and many where else 🙂 We have found this place called 'American Dream' which is like a classical type of American bar/ restaurant. It was very crowded with all the different decorations and all.. Which I was sitting in front of a part called 'Shoe Shining' and decorated just like a shoe shine place.. not to mention Mustafa was sitting next to a Gas Station Pump.. 🙂 Anyways.. We ordered two pizzas and french fries.. It was perfectly delicious!!! MMmmh!! Then we came back to our hotel, and had some free LaDuree macarons in the lobby.. Oh man it is soo awesomeee!!! :PPP   Then for like 4-5 hours I've been trying to figüre out how this blogging thing goes.. Many stuff that I didnt even begin to understand but.. Baby steps.. So after dedicating my 5 hour of sleep time to how-to-blog-searching I decided I should do a post no matter what.. I know it may be cheesy, may be very unprofessional but sorry I am a baby now! You gotta be patient with me when I do mistakes   Love From Paris; 🙂    

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