Spaghetti with Tuna Fish and Tomato Sauce



Today we are going to cook 20 minute Spaghetti with Tuna Fish!

It is both delicious and very Fast! I am not a bir fan of hard to cook, long to cook meals, so what you will be hearing from me is the Fast and Yummy recipies.. All tried and tested 😉

-Here is what we need:-

  • Spaghetti or any kind of Pasta you prefer
  • Tuna Fish in a can 160gr
  • 2-3 garlic
  • Dried Tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce
  • 220 gr Corn
  • Corn Oil or Olive Oil
  • Margarine
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Parmesan Cheese


Let's get Started!

First pour 2 liters of boiled water in a deep stewpot. Put some oil and salt inside.

Then put your spaghetties in.

***I personally break the spaghetties in 3 equal pieces for it is easier to cook and eat :)But you can go on without breaking them...

As you please...

The cooking time for  pasta is 6-8 minutes. You can taste after 6 minutes and decided if you prefer it as it is or you want to cook some more.. Up to you! 🙂 After you decided it is ok, you can filter the boiled  water into the sink and put the pasta in another bowl.

***Do not rinse the pasta, as it is more tasteful and keeps all the vitamin inside this way..

Put 2 spoon-full margarine in the same stewpot we used for boiling our spaghetti.. and put some salt inside and mix..

Put the spaghetties that we were holding aside and mix with the margarine.. Make sure it is mixed evenly...

Let's Cook the Dressing!

Chop the garlics and the dried Tomatoes

Put some half water glass of oil in another pan.

Put you tomato sauce in, you can add some water if necessary to make the tomatoes dissolve better..

Put the  garlics and dried tomatoes in and mix.

Put the corns inside and mix..

You can add some water if you think the sauce is looking too thick.. Up to you..

Put the salt and black pepper inside..

I suggest you dont put a lot salt and pepper at once and strongly suggest you to taste once you put some  for there is no turning back after you put them, but you can add more anytime you need..

Last but not least;

Put the tuna fish inside the sauce and mix a little.

Here you go! Now we're done! Smells Gooooodd isn't it? :)))



Now at this point you can mix the whole sauce with the whole spaghetti if you prefer.. Or for a more beautiful look;

Put the spaghetti in a plate and put some tuna and tomato dressing on..

Put some of the grated parmesan cheese on top

You can garnish it with some sliced olives or parsley..

***Of course you can add red/green pepper, olives to the sauce according to your taste..

***I used 'granule garlic' myself for this recipe because I didnt have any fresh ones at home and I wanted them to be quick! I am posting a photo of what a granule garlic looks like, so you will understand better..


Yes this is my food, fast, easy, delicious!!!! 🙂

Do not forget to write your comments, if you have tried the recipe please share your experiences and trials!

Bon Appetit!! :))

I am 30 years Old fashion designer for Lacoste Turkey also an illustrator and graphic designer..
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