New York City Girl

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I am so in love with these fun designs!
Whenever I see a piece which puts a smile on my face I just wanna have it and wear it instantly! Of course I cannot buy all of them as I should be staying on the budget πŸ™ƒ
But I feel so inspired and wanna share this with the whole world.. By instagram or recently by my blog 😌
The fox flats on the top of the picture belong to me, I have designed them myself so they are very precious to me..
I love them so much and I get many compliments whenever I wear them.. Hope you like them as well! ✌🏼️❀️☺️
A little bit of fun wont killπŸ˜‰
Kisses A.O.
Taxi Flat Shoes: Kate Spade
Orange Black Fox Flat Shoes: Kate Spade
Black Fox Flat Shoes: Morcarterly AslΔ± Γ–ge
Cat Ipad Cover: H&M
Kitty Cat Purse: Betsey Johnson
Kitty Cat Flat Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Kitty Cat Earrings: Betsey Johnson
I am 30 years Old fashion designer for Lacoste Turkey also an illustrator and graphic designer..
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