Emoji Fashion!

IMG_6491 This year has been the year of Emojis! Whether we were sad, bad, happy, strong, excited, surprised or whatever we have showed our feelings and situations with this cute little icons EmojisΒ  ! They have taken Smiley Faces to the next level, to the fashion arena! Go Emoji Fashion! They were on the bags, they were on the jackets, they were on the mobile phone cases, they were on the Nails, basically they were everywhere! If you are a Whatsapp User, there's no way you could have escaped from these little Emojis! And now they are marketted as cushions and stuffed dolls.. Do not underestimate Emoji Fashion, in 2016 they will take a place even bigger in our lives! Sooo; If you haven't already, get yourself an Emoji! β™₯ IMG_6487 I am so in love with Demi Lovato'sΒ  Emoji Covered Jacket!!! πŸ™‚   demi-lovato-attends-and-performs-at-hot-99.5-s-jingle-ball-2015-in-washington-dc_3 s-l300 x6736 y 61mKOqjBzWL._UY550_ 648efeb1c89412b4456933d527e19536 1962058930577001_001
I am 30 years Old fashion designer for Lacoste Turkey also an illustrator and graphic designer..
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