5 Make Up Brushes Every Girl Sould Have

  Every artist's motto is probably ' My Brushes.. My Weapon of Choice' πŸ™‚ And as every girl is a artist of their own when it comes to beauty and make-up, we should never under estimate the importance of the make up brushes we use while doing our make up.. I am not the girl who does every little thing with a different brush, who spends a lot of time on a small detail..Β  I am usually very excited and fast. Kind of always in a rush to get things done.. (Because when I get things done so fast,Β  than I can get even more things done! :)) ) And more importantly; because I amΒ mostly running late to work, I gotta rush to complete my make up routine with the fastest and best looking way.. For sure; when I have more time, for example on weekends or if I need to attend a special meeting during the day I spend a little more energy and patience for a detailed and even more professional looking make up look.. Butt.. For those who wants to achieve the most with the least equipments,Β  I can give you my 5 must-have,Β  time and energy-saver brushes for a fast and professional make up look!   1: The Beauty Blender:Β  It is not a simple regular sponge! It is fast, easy, simple and cute.. The beauty blenders have been a savior since the moment they have entered in our lives and our beauty closets.. What is a beauty blender? It is a sponge that was specially designed to meet the curves of women's faces in order to reach the hardest spots and evenly blended natural make up look. It is inevitable for me to skip the beauty blender in my everyday make up look.. Eveb if it is 5 minute make up application or 30 minutes make up application, they are my No:1 helper when applying my make up.. I usually use it with my face primer, foundation, concealer,bronzer and cream blush! See? It is almost 5 in 1 πŸ™‚ For application; You need to wet it and squeeze it until no water left. And then buff in your foundation, primer, blush whatever product you are using it for, to achieve an even and almost-not-there very natural-looking make up effect. There is no real perfect shape and brand for me, you can decide which one you like the best after you have experienced some different brands and shapes by yourself but personally I could recommend the brands, the Beauty Blender and The Real Techniques   beauty blender   2. The Kabuki Brush   They are the puffy, round edged very big brushes which are sometimes called 'the mushroom brushes' due to their shapes! Personally, kabukis have always been one of my favorite brushes asΒ  they make make up application so easy and fast! Some people use kabuki brushes to buff foundation into their skin but I usually use kabukis for bronzer and contouring around my face and neck. And they are always great to set your make up with transparent loose powders. Because of its design, they can also be used as a blender for blushes and bronzers for a flawless airbrush finish and a very natural looking coverage. As for the shape; usually the new edition kabukis are really short in size, which are my favorite since they are really easy to carry around and look cuter πŸ™‚ Some of them are longer and some have a cap to cover the bristles, which is good for sanitary purposes if you are carrying the brush in your make up bag. You can find many from both the luxury brands and drugstore brands.. As long as the bristles are qualitative, there is no harm to go with the drugstore options.   kabuki brush   3. The Angles Liner As you know they say 'The eyes are the most important jewelry in the face' . When your eyes shine; YOU shine! What can make an eye look more attractive and eye-catching than the precisedly applied liner?? And especially when it is applied in a cat-eye shape? Yes I know.. Nothing.. Who can forget Marilyn Monroe's tempting looks? She owns most of her iconic looks to the perfectly lined eyes.. So girls, to get all the attention to our eyes and let them speak for theirselves; we need to apply our liners. And the best and easiest way to apply cream eye liners are with an angled liner.. These angled little brushes gives you the opportunity to apply your liner exactly however you like it! Either thick or very thin it doesn't matter because the thin tip is making it possible to apply different shapes of liner so easily and so fast! What I have noticed is that when I apply with an angled liner, it is also very easy to correct in case I make a mistake applying my liner..   the angled liner   4.The Shadow Blender If I need to give you only one make up trick that would be: Blend, blend, blend!!! You know nobody wants to look as though they are wearing tons of make up on their faces.. The point of make-up is not looking like a girl who was fallen into a painting box.. The ultimate point of make up is actually to look very natural and beautiful even though you have applied layers of products onto your face.. So the key point here is to blend! Without blending all will look as if there are sharp lines defining the transitions of the products and the layers that you have used on your make up.. Who wants this? Of course nobody.. As this is so important for the whole face; it is the same thing for the eyes as well! You know when you apply eye shadow, you mostly use more than 2 colors and the key point here is to make the transitions so smooth that no one can truly identify where one color ends and the other begins.. In order to achieve this effect; you need to keep your shadow blender under your hand to apply as much as you can and as best as you can.. This is something you need to make some trials and learn to master but I am sure you will quickly get better and will be eager to get better when you hear the beautiful compliments from those around you.. πŸ˜‰   The Shadow Blender   5.The Stipling Brush One of the must-have steps of a make up application is of course the foundation! The more blended, the smoother is the better! In order to apply a fast and evenly blended foundation, I love to use my stipling brushes! They have a flat edge and this makes it very easy to buff the foundation into my face. This is how I like to use them but if you prefer, you can apply them with round strokes if you want to.. I also use these stipling brushes to apply and blend my cream blushes as well! In fact you can apply most of the liquid make-up products with these versatile brushes.. Just one point: Even if you are using drugstore or high-end options, you better take care to the bristles of the brushes are qualitative and natural. I love their shape and how artistic they look, whenever I use this brushes it makes me feel quite like an artist and my face like my canvas ready to become my masterpiece of art! πŸ™‚ The stipling brush     This was my list of 5 must-have brushes for my make up application! I hope you enjoyed and found this list useful.. What are your favorite make up brushes??? I really like to hear your tips and faves! If you have any comments or questions please write them below πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for the support everyone! πŸ˜‰ β™₯
I am 30 years Old fashion designer for Lacoste Turkey also an illustrator and graphic designer..
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