Leopard Ankle Booties

Who doesnt agree that leopard and red is one of the hottest combinations of all time?? It sounds like a cliche but there is no way for you to not feel sexy when you complete your make up with a hot red lipstick or you wear a leopard pattern anywhere in your outfit.. And when you combine the two, it is inevitable not to feel hot, powerful and so feminen!! Β  Every women should have at least a pair of these leopard shoes in their closet, don't matter if they are ankle booties, stilettos, sneakers or so but you gotto have one 😌 If I were to pick only one I would definitly choose stilettos which you can wear winter & summer and guarantees you will rock anytime! leopard ankle booties Metallic nail polishes are really on trend nowadays and metallic false nails are a better trend for me since they look so polished, easy to wear and looks really eye cathching.. I dont like to wear them to my 10 fingers, I rather highlight one finger to be a bit more edgy. This one I am wearing is in gold. I loved that it was pointier than my other real nails the first day but as I was going to wear them for more than a day, I trimmed it to be the same shape and length as my real nails.. But this is the first days look so my gold nail is really pointy, just as they came out of the box. gold nails   Here is my small fast sketch inspired by my today's look.. I am sending you kisses ;)) hope you like my look and thank you so much for the support!! Β 
I am 30 years Old fashion designer for Lacoste Turkey also an illustrator and graphic designer..
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