Fashion Girl

Fashion girl illustration sketch i woke up like this asli erdem oge Here I am with a fashion sketch featuring a beautiful girl.. As I was waiting for my husband to wake up I had the chance to quickly make some sketching which is like food for me.. It absolutely makes me feel so alive and fresh.. This girl is very lady like yet a little nasty and she is full of self esteem 😉 Hope you like it.. 
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Casual Look Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration Girl
Fashion Illustration Girl
Here is my sketch for my casual sunday look.. It is very fast and easy takes like 10-15 minutes to complete 😉 Hope you like it guys 😉 Thanks 😉

Leopard Shirt Fashion Illustration

This is the sketch of my outfit the day after we have returned from Paris to the office.. I was really tired as I arrived home at 2:00  am and woke up at 6:30am but I really tried to keep it casual comfortable and chic.. The leopard shirt fashion illustration with a deep burgundy ripped skinny jeans and my biker boots.. I am wearing my hair down.. Hope you like it guys! Thanks for the support and comments 😉

Fashion Illustration

Hello you all!! I have recently started to do the fashion illustration of my daily outfits.. It's been a while that I havent done any sketches I have really missed it.. To see the whole look in photos please click here Hope you like them.. ✌🏼️🎀

Loose Shirt Outfit

This is a very quick sketch of me inspired by my own outfit.. I am wearing a DIY patched loose shirt, knee high boots and leggings with a messy high bun hairstyle.. To see the whole look click here.  

The Culottes Fashion Illustration

This is a fashion sketch of me inspired by my look at the office.. I am really enjoying these sketch sections on my blog lately... With marriage and long office hours I haven't really got time to do sketches ang more but here I am back on! 😉 To see the whole look of my outfits please click here Hope you like this illustration and thank you very much for your comments :)) ♥

My Pop Art Retro Illustration

This is one of the illustrations I have made of myself when I have first started using Illustrator 😉

It means a lot to me!

This has given me confidence and a lot of joy to keep up my work!!

Hope you like it, too! ❤️💕🙏🏼☺️


Digital Halloween!

GKGI7984   HaPPy HallowEEN!!!! My sexy scary witch Project 🙂 Last minute photoshop digital Halloween Costume, the least I can do 😉  


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