Flower Hair Bands

flower head bands2016 hair accessories fashion Hello Everyone! As you know we have just had the 'Coachella Season of the Year' finished.. So the hippi spirit is back on! This summer it looks as though we will all be wearing these colorful, bohemian flower hair bands on our hairs!
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Emoji Fashion!

IMG_6491 This year has been the year of Emojis! Whether we were sad, bad, happy, strong, excited, surprised or whatever we have showed our feelings and situations with this cute little icons Emojis  ! They have taken Smiley Faces to the next level, to the fashion arena! Go Emoji Fashion!
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Fringe Bags!

fringe bagsGet one of these Season's Must-Have Fringe Bags!

Personally my favorites are #3, #7 and #9 !! Which one is yours??

Thank you so much for  sharing your comments down below!

New York City Girl

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 20.20.05
I am so in love with these fun designs!
Whenever I see a piece which puts a smile on my face I just wanna have it and wear it instantly! Of course I cannot buy all of them as I should be staying on the budget 🙃
But I feel so inspired and wanna share this with the whole world.. By instagram or recently by my blog 😌
The fox flats on the top of the picture belong to me, I have designed them myself so they are very precious to me..
I love them so much and I get many compliments whenever I wear them.. Hope you like them as well! ✌🏼️❤️☺️
A little bit of fun wont kill😉
Kisses A.O.
Taxi Flat Shoes: Kate Spade
Orange Black Fox Flat Shoes: Kate Spade
Black Fox Flat Shoes: Morcarterly Aslı Öge
Cat Ipad Cover: H&M
Kitty Cat Purse: Betsey Johnson
Kitty Cat Flat Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Kitty Cat Earrings: Betsey Johnson

London Earrings

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 20.20.53
I adore these beautiful red London Earrings by Accessorize!! They are so cute and fun to combine! Just my style! 😉 Especially I am in love with the English Soldier! 🙂

Cupcake Cuties by Kate Spade

Cupcake Cuties by Kate Spade

I loveee Kate Spade Designs! My inspiration My Muse!My Energy!

This is a Cup Cake Collection by Kate Spade which is so fun to look at and to wear of course!

Anybody who gives me these sweet sugar designs can become my best friend instantly 🙂

Or better than that let me write a small letter to my husband..

Hello My Husband,

You know how much I love you! You are my cherry pie! This is how sweet you are!

If you want to give these precious little cherry cupcakes to me as a reminder of yourself, please feel free!

I would be more than happy to carry a piece of you with me 🙂

🙂 Let's Hope he reads my blog and find this sincere letter I have written for him 🙂

Fingers Crossed 🙂 ♥

Cat Eye Retro Frames

The Cat Eye Retro Frames
 The Cat Eye Retro Frames are back!
After Jennifer Lopez wore it on the red carpet they have become a huge hit!
How could it not?
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Wide Hats

Wide Hats
Floppy, Fedora, Panama..It doesn't matter which but wide Hats are totally a Must-Have of the season!
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A-Line Mini Skirts

A-Line Mini Skirts
Hello Everyone! 
A-Line Mini skirts are finally back! Get your old skirts out of your closets it is now time to wear them in an updated sense.. 
Either with plain styles but mostly decorated with zippers and snaps, they are at the top five fashion pieces of the season! 
Pair them with Oxford shoes or knee length boots with low heels, you are ready to rock! 👌🏼😉
Kisses A.O. 😘
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