asli_fotoI was born in Mersin, South of Turkey and I went to Tarsus American College where I expanded my

global vision as a teenager. I was lucky to have this wonderful school in a small city like mine..

After finishing High School, I studied International Affairs in University which gave me a deeper

knowledge and perspective of global, historical and economical events and enlarged my general


Even as a small child I was so into fashion, I always loved to dress up in nice clothes and add a spice

of cuteness and uniqueness to my outfits…

So this was the main starting point for me; to decide that I want to do something that I can express


I took one year off and turned back to my home town, relaxing, spending time with my family and

renewing my self with new informations and lots of learning..

I have never been the type who likes to sit doing nothing so I had to get into action right away..

I took 3 different courses this year which are playing the guitar, art lessons and sewing lessons 

I was so determined to be successful at all of them and they all gave me new horizons..

I didn’t know that this year was the breaking year for my future! …

I remember that I saw a newspaper article about fashion schools in Turkey and from then on I said to

myself ‘I must get enrolled in a fashion school’.. First it was a silent thought only in my head and then

after a while later I was out speaking it ‘I Want to Go To A Fashion School’..

Even though the idea was not really tempting for my parents and friends they tried to understand

and be supportive but I never really think that they have seen the future in my eyes at the time and

never quite believed that I could do something worthy of my time and energy at the fashion


The next year in 2009, I was enrolled in LaSalle International Academy in Istanbul, which is a

Canadian based well known, study-hard fashion school.

It was two intense years with loads of new information about sketching, colors, fashion history,

vectoral drawing, photoshop, inspiration, global brands etc.. I remember I didnt have time to see my

family and friends most of the time because I needed to finish up a Project or Homework almost

everyday.. But I never complained as I was so happy to learn a lot of different,fun, exciting stuff and

also explore Istanbul at the same time..

Finally; the hard work paid off and I started working at Lacoste in Turkey as Collection Executive of

Knitwear right after I was graduated from LaSalle Academy..After two years in this position, I was

titled as the Collection Manager where I am responsible for all the groups including a wide range

such as Knitwear, Outerwear, Sweaters, Wovenshirts, Trousers and Swimwear..

We work cooperatively with Lacoste France to bring out the best and most sellable local products

that are suitable for the 19 countries that we are in charge of.

This all happened with a decision, belief and lots of hard work..

I met the love of my life, Ozgur while working at this job. He was my manager and then he became my best friend! We got married on May 9th 2015 and I finally became Miss Asli Oge  I am lucky to have such a supportive and an understanding partner in my life… As we are both in fashion business, he is very into fashion as well and he loves to dress up neat and unique! It is a huge gift to have someone on yourside who shares the same passion and visions as I do.. We have adopted a one year old British Shorthair Cat on February 2015 and named him ‘Muffin’ who is taking a big role in our lives and a big place in our hearts.. By having my husband, Muffin and my whole family on my side, I feel like I can conquer the World! Thank God for blessing me with their presence.. This is my life story till now and I am looking forward to the beautiful things that the future may bring into our lives… Asli Oge
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