Flower Hair Bands

flower head bands2016 hair accessories fashion Hello Everyone! As you know we have just had the 'Coachella Season of the Year' finished.. So the hippi spirit is back on! This summer it looks as though we will all be wearing these colorful, bohemian flower hair bands on our hairs!
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Sunny Sunday Look

Get the look weekend style

Hello From A Beautiful Sunday!!! Oh how I love weekends.. ☺️💕 I know I know who doesn't.. Today was a nice and sunny day in our town and we finally got the chance to stay in our tow n for the weekend.. The past few weeks me and my husband have been away, so this weekend was like a gift for both of us to rest and have some time together and sleep and relax.. 😉
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Pop Art Patches for Fun

Get the look culottes outfit by asli erdem oge   You know how sometimes you feel so energetic and you need to show the world how happy and dynamic you are.. You don't have trouble waking up in the morning and you are not so pissed off about going to work.. You know the feeling? 🙂 Hope so..
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Navy and Black Look 

  Here is a small capture from the last day of Lacoste 17SS Collection Presentation held in Paris. My style is easy and comfortable as I can say..  This is a navy and black look which I felt very comfortable inside as I was doing the 3 hours shopping at Le Bon Marche in Paris.. 😉 I am having a twist on my hair with a high cute small bun on top and a long pony tail.. ;)! Yeyy! My handbag is from Betsey Johnson with a cute pink pompom.. And my loose fit wool coat is from Lacoste L!ve which I have decorated with pins.. I am wearing a statement necklace and the color combination of my outfit is Black, Navy and White..
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Fashion Illustration

Hello you all!! I have recently started to do the fashion illustration of my daily outfits.. It's been a while that I havent done any sketches I have really missed it.. To see the whole look in photos please click here Hope you like them.. ✌🏼️🎀

DIY Patched Shirt

Here's an update for your loose shirts this year! DIY Patch Shirt!! As you know slogan patched shirts are really getting on trend right now..
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Best Nail Polish Colors of 2016

  My mom always used to say that 3 things are the main points that a girl should alwayyss take care of! They are the teeth- of course, the hair -duh! anndd the nails!!! 😉 When they are well-kept, even if you are not wearing any make up, you will look glowing and naturally beautiful.. I can guarantee you that, these 3 things can change the way you look instantly! Can you imagine a beautiful girl with a face full of professional make up and a super messy greasy hair?, or yellow teeth? orr croocked nail polishes? No no no! This is a big No! 😉 Don't even go there! Beauty is a whole-package thing! If you are gonna have it, have it right 😉
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Fun New Year Look

The last day of 2015 at the Office and here is my New Year Look for the Office Party! 🙂 I am dressed up so casually due to the freezing weather and to the fact that we will be leaving for a trip to Mersin for holidays! Just because I am so covered up with turtle neck and warm leggings, I needed to show some style about the importance of this day! So I'm coming up with this cute present broches that I have prepared for this special day!
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Welcoming 2016 with the Family

IMG_6583   Happy New Year Everyone! We have come to a beautiful year's end! I hope 2015 has been a very good year for you and 2016 is awaiting with a lot of good surprises and fun experiences!!!!
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