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Pop Art Patches for Fun

Get the look culottes outfit by asli erdem oge   You know how sometimes you feel so energetic and you need to show the world how happy and dynamic you are.. You don't have trouble waking up in the morning and you are not so pissed off about going to work.. You know the feeling? 🙂 Hope so..
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Tapered Trousers for Winter

    Today when I woke up, I was quite energetic in the morning and and looking forward to going to work, which is kind of a rare thing to happen.. 😉 But of course this had a reason..
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Burgundy Ankle Booties

Here is the look of today featuring my burgundy ankle booties in suede which I adore and which I think adds a little bit of edge and hotness to the whole look.. But of course this is not it..
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Sunday Casual Look 

My second favorite day, Sunday comes so shiny and sunny today sooo we are ready to go and rock with my husband ;)) I love it when it is weekends I love to be casual, sporty and chic and I love how make up and hair takes so little time.. 🙂
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DIY Patched Shirt

Here's an update for your loose shirts this year! DIY Patch Shirt!! As you know slogan patched shirts are really getting on trend right now..
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Office Look with Culottes

You know sometimes you add a simple peace in your closet and it changes everything all around.. This is what happened with me wearing these culottes.. Let's find out my office look with culottes..
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70s Sailor Update

getthelook70s sailor   After a very long period, this weekend I finally had the chance to spend some time shopping.. You know how relieving and comforting it is.. 🙂 You get bored of your old clothes and you don't even want to combine them together, you need some pieces to revive your closet and your whole look..
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Get The Look of Me!

get the look2


Here comes my favorite part! Get The Look of Me! Hope you enjoy it too!:)

Today I have decided to wear an outfit with a casual yet comfortable twist for the office!

Blue-white striped loose shirt on a skinny mini skirt.

I have wore my black tights to add a little bit more daily look.

My rider boots of course!

Well it is again time to accentuate our waists!!!

So I wore my studded belt to add a little bit of edgyness;)

 Gold Studded bag

Black wool coat

Big Pompom beanie to make my look a little cuter!

Hope you like my look! ♥


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